About Us

Kamala Mehta Charitable Eye Hospital started its services in Shirval from 1996, with the objective of providing Eye Care Services to the needy patients from rural and hilly areas with no access to proper healthcare.

Our key guiding principle is following rational and ethical medical practice and our mission is to touch the lives of poor people at the grassroots level

0ur motto - ‘Reaching the Unreached’



JPMT’s Kamala Mehta Charitable Eye Hospital is located at Shirwal in the district of Satara,in the state of Maharashtra,India. It is about 55 km from Pune and lies midway between Pune city and Satara city.

The centre was started in 1996 after conducting a survey that almost 140 villages in the surrounding area had no access to proper eye care.

We started as a small opd setup in the local general practitioners clinic and with the growing response we started our own setup of opd and Operation theatre facilities.

Since then our 15 bedded exclusive eye hospital has been rendering its charitable eye care services consistently to the needy in the following manner

1. Daily OPD services for eyecheckup and treatment of eye diseases.

2. Surgical facility for eye problems like cataract, glaucoma and others like lid surgeries, pterygium and nasolacrimal duct pathologies

3. We conduct weekly eyecamps in the remote and hilly areas , bring the patients to our centre with our vehicle , do their surgery and leave them back home after giving postoperative medications and goggles.

4. The patients are provided everything free of cost including travel, stay and food.

5.We conduct school screening camps to pickup diseases like congenital cataract, amblyopia, squint and refractive errors.Poor vision in children leads to academic inefficiency and also affects the economic status of the child and its family in the future.If these are treated early the eye development of the children is greatly enhanced and the future of these children can be brighter.

6. We also conduct industrial workers eye checkups and give them health education on avoiding work related eye injuries and provide eyecare in case of industrial eye injuries

7. We conduct research on rural eye health for betterment of services.

We wish to expand the services to more needy patients and are willing to put in our hard work , our commitment and our clinical and surgical expertise for the same.

We are grateful that a number of philanthropic institutes as well as individual donors have generously donated to this noble cause.

We will be happy to show you our hospital and its work in person.

Our Team

We are fortunate to have a dedicated team of doctors ,nurses and paramedical personnel who unitedly work towards our motto

OPD Services

Operated patients admitted to our hospital…

We are presently doing about 1000 free/ concessional eye surgeries in a year

Free Eye Checkup Camp For Cataract

School Eyecheck up Services

School eyecheck up services are provided free of cost.

We coordinate with the principal of the school and with the help of staff conduct eyecheckups on the school premises itself. the children who need detailed evaluation are then guided to our hospital.

We have a team of dedicated honorary eye surgeons who take time out from their busy schedules to contribute to our services

We also have honorary consultants who are specialized in Cornea, Retina, Glaucoma etc. visiting once a month to ensure access to complete range of ophthalmic treatments for rural patients, including LASER services.

We are also helped by Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital , Pune for tertiary eye care whenever needed

Many farmers/rural people are becoming blind due to Cataract every year and the burden of this avoidable blindness is increasing as more population reaches the senior citizen age group.

Farmers who work hard so that our basic necessity is fulfilled , grow yields should get benefit of this charity service and get diagnosed for cataract and Refractive errors and get proper eyecare service

The smile on the faces of people when they gain vision after correction of errors or cataract diseases is undescribable.

We want to ensure that advances of medical science should benefit maximum members of society.

We will be happy to conduct free eyecamps and also do concessional annual eyecheckups for your employees.

We will be thankful if you can donate to our charitable hospital either directly or by sponsoring cataract surgeries or ophthalmic equipment.

You can contact us at,
Chief eye surgeon and administrator
Contact Us - 020 40151630 / 020 40151633